Patient Testimonials

"Dr. Medford has been my ophthalmologist for over 20 years. He has seen me through contact lenses, cataract surgery, and glaucoma. Do you have questions about a procedure or exam? Ask Dr. Medford; he takes the time to fully explain all procedures and test results. He gives me peace of mind that I will continue to have good vision for life. "


"The exam took a long time to setup. Dr. Medford came HIGHLY recommended. Simply stated, it was 100% worth the wait. Best eye exam ever! Best eyeglasses ever. No hesitation to recommend!"

"While it may have taken a few weeks to get my exam, I can only say that my experience (and that of my family) has been EXCELLENT. Dr. Medford is a caring and careful doctor. His staff is 1st rate... they all listen well to my concerns and address them fully. My mom's cataract surgery was just amazing. She sees better than me! WOW! Thank you Dr. Medford"

"I know, it's your eyes. I was, like most people, very apprehensive about anybody poking around in my eyes. But my cataracts were starting to interfere with my day to day activities and I finally realized I had to do something about it. When I first saw Dr. Medford he immediately put me at ease. I admitted that I was very squeamish about my eyes, and his reply was "well, luckily, I'm not!" He went on to explain to me exactly what the procedure involved, and the benefits of the Femto laser (which I opted for). The results were more than I could have hoped for. The lens for one eye was for distance, and the lens for my second eye was for reading (tuned to about arms length). Now, for the most part, don't wear any glasses. I can do computer work, read the newspaper, my cell phone, etc. The exception is when I need to read very, very small print, at which point I can put on some glasses. Good news is that I don't need the glasses very often, but when I do, I can read print that I couldn't read with my glasses before! The only way to describe it is that it's "crystal clear". I'm so happy that I finally got the courage to get this done. After the procedure I realized it really was no big deal. I didn't feel anything during the procedure, and Dr. Medford and all the folks at the Ridgedale Surgery Center were caring, friendly, and made my short stay very comfortable. Dr. Medford's office staff were, likewise, friendly and easy to work with. Kelli, the surgical coordinator, was exceptional in helping me get a surgery date that would fit into my hectic schedule. I would enthusiastically recommend Dr. Medford to anybody who needs eye care."

"Dr. Medford is the finest ophthalmologist. He is professional, very knowledgeable, takes time to explain procedures and answer questions. His staff is also very courteous and professional."

"Dr. Medford performed cataract surgery on my left eye, where vision had declined significantly. Being mostly blind in my right eye, I was apprehensive about both the surgical process itself (would I have a period of blindness?) and the possibility of a bad procedure resulting in permanent blindness. On all counts, I could not have had a better outcome, including now having the best vision I have ever enjoyed (with my astigmatism corrected). I have already recommended Dr. Medford to some key friends."

"I am so appreciative of the kindness and expert care of Dr. Medford. From my initial examination, correct diagnosis followed by two very successful cataract surgeries, Dr. Medford has been wonderful! He takes the time to explain and to answer any questions with thorough explanations and great respect, and at times with reassuring humor. During the surgeries his "bedside manner" was comforting and very kind. It is hard to find doctors who treat patients with the respect and dignity that Dr. Medford gives. Thank you, Dr. Medford!"

"I have never hugged a doctor so many times! Dr. Medford is such a funny, personable guy that it is almost hard to believe at first what a great doctor he is - but believe it! That calm, disarming, friendly manner is an essential part of his bedside manner. Thank you, Dr. Medford!"

"He made a scared patient totally at ease! The whole cataract experience from start to finish was a piece of cake. He was so kind and gentle and a great doctor!"

"I have been seeing Dr. Medford for many years. Dr. Medford is wonderful and I travel a distance to see him because I will not trust anyone else! About 10 years ago I had Lasik done by him (a huge step) and not for a moment was I worried. He is an excellent doctor, kind and caring and you never feel rushed when you see him."

Margrit V.

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